Air Conditioning Maintenance

In Florida there is no good time for your air conditioning to fail. The end of summer is approaching but that does not change the fact that there is still plenty of hot humid weather ahead .You are always looking forward to getting home to a nice cool house at the end of the day but what if you came home and found that your air conditioner was no longer working? If for some reason your air conditioner stops working, especially in the height of summer, you probably won’t wait long to call a company like D&W Heating & Air Conditioning that handles air conditioning repair.

The bigger question is should you wait until things go wrong before calling an air conditioning contractor? Unfortunately most people believe heating and air conditioning companies are only there to be utilized when you have a problem with your AC that needs to be fixed. Not so, as most air conditioners require regular HVAC maintenance that will insure that they are always functioning properly, won’t suffer catastrophic break downs and will extend their life expectancy. That makes it important to have a professional, dependable and reliable heating and air conditioning company see to the proper upkeep of your AC unit by performing regular inspections of your air conditioner in order to avoid unexpected issues, optimize performance and provide peace of mind that your AC will just stop working.

A reasonable question would be is it more expensive to schedule regular AC maintenance by a heating and air company than simply waiting until there is an issue. The simple answer is no, because if you wait until your AC breaks, odds are the repair may be expensive. Additionally, without regular inspections and maintenance you may have an issue that goes unidentified for a long period of time and causes damage to other parts of your AC system that also now require expensive repairs and or replacement of major parts. Another reason seldom thought of by you the consumer, is that a heating and air conditioning company is even available to immediately attend to your broken down AC. In Florida at the height of the summer season, like now, they may not be able to get to your AC repair for several days, days that you will be without air conditioning.

To avoid the “no working air conditioning” scenario is to have your air conditioner regularly inspected and maintained by a reputable, experienced heating and air conditioning company. Most heating and air companies often offer warranties on their service and have fully equipped truck that carry all necessary tools and parts for the most common maintenance scenarios relating to repairing or replacing anything that requires fixing on your AC.

You should look for a heating and air conditioning company that is licensed, bonded and has experienced certified technicians. An ideal company like D&W Heating & Air Conditioning will have with a great deal of experience, great customer reviews, offer the reliable and effective services all the while offering competitive pricing.

If you would like additional information about air conditioning maintenance or need information about commercial or residential air conditioning service or installation, you are invited to call D&W Heating & Air Conditioning at (941) 202-0420.

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