AC Contractor

Quality Service with Every Job

Everyone depends on a well-maintained AC unit during the hottest months of the summer, but all it takes is a minor maintenance issue to wreak havoc on a climate control system. This is why the team of technicians here at D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is ready to help clients with all of their AC needs in order to keep their home comfortable and energy bills down when the weather begins to warm up. From duct work designs and custom installations to yearly maintenance and emergency services, our specialists our dedicated to the highest level of customer service no matter what your AC needs may be. Whether you need commercial or residential air conditioning service or installation, for an AC contractor that is dedicated to quality and dependability call D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (941) 202-0420.

AC Contractor
AC Contractor

Cutting Edge Training and Tools

For those that are in need of an AC contractor, it is going to be quality tools and unbeatable training that really makes the difference. With over 20 years of experience, our technicians are dedicated to offering world-class service throughout every single project. We work with all major manufacturers and styles of air conditioning and HVAC systems which means we can keep our turnover times for even the most difficult of jobs as short as possible. With all of our services, we begin with a thorough inspection of the current system to pinpoint where any major issues are taking place. By doing this, we can cut down on the costs that will take place with a complete system overhaul and pass these savings on to our customers.

Save on Energy Bills this Summer

Even the most advanced AC systems can lose as much as five percent of their efficiency every single year, and this means larger energy bills every single month. D&W’s certified technicians can help residents avoid this ongoing inefficiency with a quick and affordable maintenance call that should be carried out at least once every single year. During these service calls, we can help with issues such as running temperatures, the accuracy of the thermostat, wear-and-tear on hoses, leaks, and refrigerant levels. In addition to helping our clients save on energy bills, this will also help to prevent any serious damage to the system due to heavy use.

Our Clients Are Our Number One Priority

From a quick maintenance call on a residential AC unit to a custom installation project for a new business, our clients will always be our number one priority. We offer our customers a variety of services include yearly maintenance packages, zoning systems, air quality surveys, air quality solutions, custom installations, emergency repairs, and much more. With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that your system will run smoothly and efficiently no matter what time of year it may be. Whether you need commercial or residential air conditioning service or installation, the AC contractor to contact for quality and dependability is D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (941) 202-0420.