Air conditioners are complex systems that require regular maintenance and care to ensure optimal performance. Whether you need periodic maintenance or are looking to fix a non-functional AC, choosing the right air conditioning repair service is key to making sure they function smoothly.

Before you opt for a particular AC repairing service, professionals, like those at D&W Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., who are known as the premier service for  air conditioning repair in Clearwater,  suggest it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of cooling systems, and possibly the exact component of your AC that is non-functional. The construction of an AC unit, in effect, works by releasing the latent heat generated by a phase change, and this entire system is termed HVAC for ‘heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

AC units comprise a complicated system of condensers and coils along with a temperature-control element termed the thermostat. The condenser unit is often located adjacent to the compressor motor, and holds a condensing coil and a fan which blows over a high-pressure refrigerant gas. This cools the refrigerant back into the liquid state thus transferring the heat out of the system finally releasing it into the external atmosphere. A duct system is common, and aids in even distribution of cooling while removing any residual heat creating an atmosphere of fresh

While the basic mechanism of an AC unit is relatively straightforward, air conditioning repair is best performed by professionally trained HVAC specialists who appreciate the intricate workings of heating and cooling systems. Whether the AC and duct system is part of a commercial cooling structure or a simpler residential model, it is important to only use competent service professionals like those at D&W Heating & Air Conditioning who are adept at the various diagnostic procedures, whether it is a problem in the internal coils, the filtering system or even the ducts.

Servicing agents may be independent HVAC contractors or full-fledged servicing companies that employ qualified professionals. Regardless of the company size, be sure to enquire that they are a licensed agency with NATE-certified trained technicians. The number of years the company is in business is as important as their quality of service. Apart from pricing most homeowners look for a cost-effective service, so it is important that the chosen service offers good quality and reasonable pricing like those that D&W Heating & Air Conditioning are known for in the Clearwater area.

Aside from installing, diagnosing and repairing your AC unit, authorized services like D&W offer residential maintenance contracts and servicing options to ensure long-term protection and care. In addition, servicing professionals may offer suggestions on cutting down on energy usage helping you save on your monthly electricity bills. If you need to replace your unit or are just looking to upgrade to a new model, be sure to ask the agency for specific brands that bear the Energy Star assurance, which represents that the unit meets the EPA guidelines for energy efficiency.

AC units are expensive investments work well with routine maintenance check-ups and prompt repairs when issues arise. It is therefore important that homeowners choose a reliable and professional air conditioning repair service which delivers quality at the right price.

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Home air conditioning systems are composed of many parts. Beyond the main unit which is responsible for removing hot air from the home, there are also ducts, vents, and electrical connections that need to be functioning correctly. Some of the most common issues associated with air conditioning repair in Clearwater include low or insufficient refrigerant, leaky ducts, poor air flow, or electrical problems. These are repairs that should only be undertaken by professionals like those at D & W Heating & Air Conditioning.

Many times the symptoms of these problems can be similar, which makes it difficult to diagnose the problem without the expertise of professional technicians like those of D & W. Sometimes it takes a special situation to bring out a problem. For example, a home with an undersized or underpowered AC unit may not show signs of being a problem until the temperature reaches a certain height. A leak in the ductwork may not be evident until the unit needs to push the maximum amount of air through the system.

Because there are so many variables, air conditioning repair can require a great deal of knowledge and skill. Many people consider fixing problems with their cooling themselves, but this is generally a bad idea. You can damage your air conditioner if you don’t know what you’re doing, so it’s best to leave such work to a professional. An air conditioning repair specialist will be able to identify the problem and take the steps needed to fix it. He can identify what part of the system is causing the problem, what needs to be done to correct it, and what tools or parts are necessary to complete the fix.

When your technician arrives, the first thing he will likely do is discuss what problems you have been having with your cooling. Using this information, he will evaluate your system and look for problems related to that information. This is where hiring an air conditioning repair professional from D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, really helps.

One of D & W’s reputable air conditioning repair technicians will have the experience to identify and fix the problem as efficiently and safely as possible. In many cases he may even be able to make recommendations to help you get more efficiency out of your cooling system. In addition, if your system has failed and needs replacement, he’ll have the knowledge of your home to recommend the best possible replacement.

Heating and cooling has become a mainstay of the modern lifestyle. We depend on air conditioning for comfort year round. When there are problems with a system, the best choice is to find a qualified professional company like D & W Heating & Air Conditioning which stands behind its work. Using their expertise and experience, a solution is usually found quickly. With everything resolved, you can rest easily, and most importantly, stay cool.

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Air conditioning repair in Clearwater by professionals like those at D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is integral to indoor temperature control, ventilation and comfort throughout the warmer seasons. The issues that can befall your system can range from the fan, condenser, compressor, wires, fan motor or thermostat. Inspection can keep you abreast of issues before they become costly air conditioning repair.

All of the components of your air conditioning system must do their individual part to effectively contribute to moving outdoor air through your unit into your indoor air distribution ducts in order to provide each room with thermostat regulated temperature control. Occasionally, the system can go off track and even breakdown and cease to move air or cool the air at all. But there isn’t just one solution, there are many reasons that you may require air conditioning repair for your home unit. It can become overheated; it may need part mending or part replacement, depending upon its age and the amount of use that it undergoes. Three of the most prevalent reasons that your home unit may require air conditioning repair is that it was poorly installed, the thermostat is not communicating effectively with the system or has stopped working, or power connections to the unit has caused a transformer to trip or circuit to blow. Those issues can be easily spotted and remedied depending on how long those issues have been allowed to damage multiple air conditioning functions. Annual inspection of an older unit that has been giving you issues can spot contractor installation or previous repair mistakes as well as discrepancies with the thermostat readings. Frankly, there are several finite issues that need to be discovered and mended before the entire system’s air conditioning repair can be complete.

Air conditioning repair isn’t just a one-two simple fix each time and in each household. The first type of prevalent issue comes in the form of fan malfunctions. The unit turns on but the fan does not move air into the home. The capacitor, fan motor or the foil and filter may have become corroded and the reason that the fan is not operating correctly. Second, you may have gone outside to check the unit and noticed that there is ice on one of the lines. This can be caused by the refrigerant being low or blower motor deficiencies. Third, your home can be experiencing temperature control issues stemming from the thermostat needing to be recalibrated or replaced. Temperature variations can also be caused by lack of dampers in the ductwork or the indoor outdoor air is imbalanced within the system.

Lastly, the unit could be running constantly, which can be caused by the refrigerant level or attic air flowing through your return. Air conditioning repair during the spring and summer months are no coincidence. Frankly the more you use it the more any existing issue will be exacerbated and require your attention. The sooner you notice any issues and have them repaired the less likely you’ll be to suffer hot summer nights or costly repairs.

If you would like to know more about air conditioning repair in Clearwater or the servicing of your central air conditioning systems or if you are having a problem with yours and would like a free estimate, please call the professionals,  D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (941) 202-0420.

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