How to Lower Your Cooling Costs in Florida

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For those of us living in the Sunshine State, the hot and humid climate of Florida can make it difficult to keep cooling costs down—but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank trying to stay cool. With a little bit of effort and forethought, you can save money while staying comfortable during the summer months. Read on for our top tips for keeping your cooling costs down in Florida's hot, humid climate.

Keep Your Home Insulated

Making sure your home is properly insulated is key for keeping out both heat and humidity. Start by checking all window and door seals for cracks or gaps; add weatherstripping if necessary and look into getting double-paned windows if possible. Using insulation materials like fiberglass batting, spray foam insulation, or foam board will also help maintain your indoor temperature even when the outdoor temperatures are extreme.

Be Strategic with Ceiling Fans

All homes should have ceiling fans installed in strategic places throughout the house (the bedroom being one of them). In addition to creating a breezy atmosphere indoors, running ceiling fans helps reduce energy consumption since they use less energy than air conditioners to circulate air around a room. Just keep in mind that ceiling fans don’t actually cool rooms—they just create a draft or breeze that makes it feel cooler.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Having regular maintenance done on your HVAC system can help ensure optimal operation year-round and will lead to lower cooling bills too. At least once per season (preferably right before summer) give an HVAC specialist a call to inspect your system for any dirt buildup or other issues that may cause AC units to work harder than they need to—which will result in higher energy costs over time!

Make Use of Heavy Shades or Curtains

Another way you can keep cool air from heating up quickly: install thick shades or thermal curtains on south-facing windows so they prevent direct sunlight from entering during certain hours of the day when temperatures are highest outdoors. This can effectively reduce indoor temperatures by preventing heat gain from outside sources.

An uncomfortable home isn’t something anyone looks forward to during hot days—following these tips can not only make you more comfortable indoors but help save money as well!

AC Maintenance Service in Sarasota, FL

Routine maintenance is essential to keep your AC operating efficiently. Schedule your air conditioner's tune-up with our skilled technicians today—your AC and your pocketbook will thank you!