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Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Sarasota

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If you are searching for a reliable heating and cooling company that delivers high-quality commercial HVAC maintenance services in Sarasota, then you have come to the right place. D & W Heating & Air Conditioning is a leading HVAC contractor serving commercial property owners throughout Sarasota, Clearwater, and the surrounding areas.

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Get the Services You Need for Your Pinellas & Manatee County HVAC System

We understand that avoiding a heating and air conditioning breakdown is a major priority for you as a business owner. You also are concerned about maximizing the lifespan of your HVAC equipment and saving money in the costs of operating it.

D & W Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving commercial HVAC systems for more than 20 years. Our experience tells us that regular inspections and tune-ups are essential to ensure an efficient, trouble-free operation of all heating and AC units. That’s why we offer our commercial customers comprehensive preventative maintenance services. We perform checks, adjustments, and cleanings that are necessary to prevent premature component failure and inefficient energy use.

Our heating and cooling experts provide customized commercial HVAC maintenance plans that include:

  • Checking system functions and safety controls
  • Adjusting operating sequences
  • Inspecting electrical components and connections
  • Examining, adjusting, and aligning belts
  • Inspecting pumps
  • Lubricating motors
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning burner assemblies
  • Removing soot from burners
  • Inspecting heat exchangers for cracks
  • Cleaning coils, lines, traps, and pans
  • Ensuring proper airflow
  • Replacing dirty air filters
  • Inspecting, cleaning, and balancing blowers

All maintenance work is carried out by our professionally trained and certified technicians. We can work with you to create a maintenance schedule that suits your specific needs. If we identify any repairs that need to be done during the inspection and tune-up, we can provide an estimate and can make sure the issue is solved quickly and effectively.

The Outcome of Preventative Maintenance

When conducting a cost-benefit analysis of maintaining your commercial HVAC equipment, it is helpful to understand the advantages of such a service. You might be tempted to think that you can cut back on costs by cutting back on maintenance. However, time and time again, we have seen that when customers only tend to their systems when they breakdown, they end up losing more money.

The benefits of regular maintenance for your HVAC system include:

  • Your HVAC unit will be operating at 100%, which decreases your utility bills
  • Your system will have fewer failures, which reduces unexpected downtime
  • Diagnosing and addressing problems early can save on costly repairs
  • Increasing the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment enables you to spend less on replacement expenses
  • The costs of operating your HVAC system will be more predictable, which allows for better budgeting

For superior commercial HVAC maintenance in Sarasota, contact D & W Heating & Air Conditioning at (941) 479-9889 now. 

  • “Had an issue with our heater, called in the problem in the morning and had service in the mid-afternoon. The problem (thermostat programmed incorrectly) was corrected without additional parts or service.” Gary & Judy Broden
  • “A Terrific Family Owned Company, Rated Very High on Angie's List.” J.S.
  • “Very Polite, Clean & Detail Oriented” Adam D.
  • “They were honest and forthcoming and if I ever have need for that type of related service again, I will not hesitate to call them.” Natalie L.
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