Preventative AC Maintenance Tips

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Whether it is used in the home or for commercial enterprises, an air conditioning system must be maintained properly to ensure peak efficiency and flawless operation. Air conditioning that is maintained regularly by professionals like those at D & W Heating & Air Conditioning, makes the need for costly HVAC repair services much less likely. Also less likely is unnecessarily high power bills caused by a less than efficient cooling system. When an air conditioning unit is in its best possible condition, it is reliable, effective and very efficient, which means it can be counted on to work when it is needed and keep a home or business as comfortable as possible. When homes are comfortable inside, families sleep better and children get along better. When businesses are more comfortable, workers are more productive and customers more likely to stay longer and generate more business.

Regular Inspections by Trained Professionals

The worst time to have to call in professionals is when there is a need for AC repair work. The best time to call in trained professionals is when everything seems to be working well. A skilled, trained and certified air conditioning professional can inspect air conditioning units, ensure they are working at peak efficiency and perform any periodic or preventative maintenance that might be required. In most cases, an air conditioning unit needs to be cleaned and maintained at least once per year to ensure no problems are encountered when they are needed most. Calling in trained professionals during the springtime will allow plenty of time for them to inspect the various components and ensure any parts that might need to be replaced are taken care of long before there will be a pressing need to use air conditioning.

Typical Cooling Mode Maintenance Items

If there isn’t enough air flowing over the internal coil of an air conditioning unit, the temperature of the coil will get lower until frost starts to build up on it, which reduces the flow of air even more. And when the internal coil gathers frost, less heat can be removed from the air that passes over the coil to cause the refrigerant to vaporize. When that happens, the compressor inside the air conditioning unit winds up processing the refrigerant as a liquid instead of pumping vapor as it is designed to do. Left unchecked, the compressor could fail while the air conditioner runs more often and produces less cool air. That is why it is important to have clean air filters in place and regular maintenance done to avoid costly AC repair bills.

Preventative Maintenance Is Affordable

The primary reason air conditioning units fail is due to a lack of timely preventive maintenance being done on them, which is considerably more affordable than the cost of repair services. If you would like to know more about the servicing and repair of your air conditioning or if you are having a problem with yours, you are invited to call D & W Heating & Air Conditioning at (941) 479-9889.