Importance of Changing Your AC Filter

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Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repair

One of the most important maintenance items in your air conditioning unit is also the easiest item replaced during an air conditioning repair in Sarasota. This item is your AC filter. This simple part is very important to the proper function of your air conditioning system. How often a filter needs to be replaced will often depend on how much indoor and outdoor pollution is in your area and how frequently the unit is kept in use. Obviously, units used year-round will need filter replacements more frequently than those used only sporadically in the summer. There are several reasons why AC filters should be replaced frequently.

Improve Efficiency

The more completely an air conditioner filter is clogged, the harder it will have to function to cool the air effectively. This has been proven through government studies to increase the energy consumption of air conditioners by as much as 15 percent. If you run your AC unit daily throughout the year this could add up to a substantial amount of money wasted.

Prevent Allergies

A clogged AC filter means there are likely a plethora of pollutants plugging it up. These pollutants are often a mix of indoor and outdoor allergens including pet hair, dander and pollen. Something as simple as plain household dust can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. A clogged filter can also be prevented from further filtering of the air and it can release items which had been previously trapped in the filter back into the room. One of the top five environmental hazards known to affect human health is indoor pollution. Indoor air cannot be kept clean if a filter is unable to perform its task correctly.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Damage

When a filter is clogged the AC unit must work harder to function. This extra effort causes increased wear and tear to the unit which is unnecessary and often costly. It can also prevent the system from being able to cool the air appropriately, which frequently damages parts due to overheating. Fully clogged filters may also be unable to prevent additional dirt from entering into the system and blocking the coils and blowers. Many emergency air conditioning repair calls could be avoided if this was prevented from happening. Obviously, changing your filter regularly can solve many problems including helping you to save money, increasing the life of your system and preventing health issues. Knowing when to change your filter is a question easily answered by the professionals at Advanced Cooling Systems.

The primary reason air conditioning units fail is due to a lack of timely preventive maintenance being done on them, which is considerably more affordable than the cost of repair services. If you would like to know more about the servicing and repair of your air conditioning in Sarasota, or if you are having a problem with yours, you are invited to call D & W Heating & Air Conditioning at (941) 479-9889.